Class TarArchiveSparseEntry

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    public class TarArchiveSparseEntry
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements TarConstants
    This class represents a sparse entry in a Tar archive.

    The C structure for a sparse entry is:

     struct posix_header {
     struct sparse sp[21]; // TarConstants.SPARSELEN_GNU_SPARSE     - offset 0
     char isextended;      // TarConstants.ISEXTENDEDLEN_GNU_SPARSE - offset 504
    Whereas, "struct sparse" is:
     struct sparse {
     char offset[12];   // offset 0
     char numbytes[12]; // offset 12
    • Constructor Detail

      • TarArchiveSparseEntry

        public TarArchiveSparseEntry​(byte[] headerBuf)
        Construct an entry from an archive's header bytes. File is set to null.
        headerBuf - The header bytes from a tar archive entry.
        Throws: - on unknown format
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      • isExtended

        public boolean isExtended()