Class NoExitSecurityManager

  • public class NoExitSecurityManager
    extends java.lang.SecurityManager
    This is intended as a replacement for the default system manager. The goal is to intercept System.exit calls and make it throw an exception instead so that a System.exit in a task does not fully terminate Ant.
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      void checkExit​(int status)
      Override SecurityManager#checkExit.
      void checkPermission​( perm)
      Override SecurityManager#checkPermission.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • NoExitSecurityManager

        public NoExitSecurityManager()
    • Method Detail

      • checkExit

        public void checkExit​(int status)
        Override SecurityManager#checkExit. This throws an ExitException(status) exception.
        checkExit in class java.lang.SecurityManager
        status - the exit status
      • checkPermission

        public void checkPermission​( perm)
        Override SecurityManager#checkPermission. This does nothing.
        checkPermission in class java.lang.SecurityManager
        perm - the requested permission.