Class UUEncoder


public class UUEncoder extends Object
UUEncoding of an input stream placed into an OutputStream. This class is meant to be a drop in replacement for sun.misc.UUEncoder, which was previously used by Ant. The uuencode algorithm code has been copied from the geronimo project.
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  • Constructor Details

    • UUEncoder

      public UUEncoder(String name)
      Constructor specifying a name for the encoded buffer, begin line will be:
         begin 644 [NAME]
      name - the name of the encoded buffer.
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    • encode

      public void encode(InputStream is, OutputStream out) throws IOException
      UUEncode bytes from the input stream, and write them as text characters to the output stream. This method will run until it exhausts the input stream.
      is - the input stream.
      out - the output stream.
      IOException - if there is an error.