Class ScriptFixBSFPath


public class ScriptFixBSFPath extends Object
A class to modify a classloader to support BSF language support.
  • Constructor Details

    • ScriptFixBSFPath

      public ScriptFixBSFPath()
  • Method Details

    • fixClassLoader

      public void fixClassLoader(ClassLoader loader, String language)
      Check if need to mess about with the classloader. The class loader will need to be modified for two reasons:
      1. language is at a higher level than bsf for engines in bsf, move bsf.
      2. bsf is at a higher level than oata.util.optional.ScriptRunner
      Assume a simple model for the loader: thisloader<-customloader or thisloader
      loader - the classloader to fix.
      language - the language to use.