Class FilenameSelector

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Parameterizable, ResourceSelector, ExtendFileSelector, FileSelector

public class FilenameSelector extends BaseExtendSelector
Selector that filters files based on the filename.
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    • FilenameSelector

      public FilenameSelector()
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    • toString

      public String toString()
      Description copied from class: DataType
      Basic DataType toString().
      toString in class DataType
      a string describing this object
    • setName

      public void setName(String pattern)
      The name of the file, or the pattern for the name, that should be used for selection.
      pattern - the file pattern that any filename must match against in order to be selected.
    • setRegex

      public void setRegex(String pattern)
      The regular expression the file name will be matched against.
      pattern - the regular expression that any filename must match against in order to be selected.
    • setCasesensitive

      public void setCasesensitive(boolean casesensitive)
      Whether to ignore case when checking filenames.
      casesensitive - whether to pay attention to case sensitivity
    • setNegate

      public void setNegate(boolean negated)
      You can optionally reverse the selection of this selector, thereby emulating an <exclude> tag, by setting the attribute negate to true. This is identical to surrounding the selector with <not></not>.
      negated - whether to negate this selection
    • setParameters

      public void setParameters(Parameter... parameters)
      When using this as a custom selector, this method will be called. It translates each parameter into the appropriate setXXX() call.
      Specified by:
      setParameters in interface Parameterizable
      setParameters in class BaseExtendSelector
      parameters - the complete set of parameters for this selector
    • verifySettings

      public void verifySettings()
      Checks to make sure all settings are kosher. In this case, it means that the name attribute has been set.
      verifySettings in class BaseSelector
    • isSelected

      public boolean isSelected(File basedir, String filename, File file)
      The heart of the matter. This is where the selector gets to decide on the inclusion of a file in a particular fileset. Most of the work for this selector is offloaded into SelectorUtils, a static class that provides the same services for both FilenameSelector and DirectoryScanner.
      Specified by:
      isSelected in interface FileSelector
      Specified by:
      isSelected in class BaseExtendSelector
      basedir - the base directory the scan is being done from
      filename - is the name of the file to check
      file - is a object the selector can use
      whether the file should be selected or not