All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, DrawOperation

public class Arc extends BasicShape implements DrawOperation
Draw an arc.
  • Constructor Details

    • Arc

      public Arc()
  • Method Details

    • setStart

      public void setStart(int start)
      Set the start of the arc.
      start - the start of the arc.
    • setStop

      public void setStop(int stop)
      Set the stop of the arc.
      stop - the stop of the arc.
    • setType

      public void setType(Arc.ArcType arcType)
      Set the type of arc.
      arcType - the type to use - open, pie or chord.
    • executeDrawOperation

      public BufferedImage executeDrawOperation()
      Abstract method which is intended to create an image buffer and return it so it can be drawn into another object. Use an Alpha channel for a "transparent" background..
      Specified by:
      executeDrawOperation in interface DrawOperation
      a planar image