Class Permissions

  • public class Permissions
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class implements a security manager meant for usage by tasks that run inside the Ant VM. An examples are the Java Task and JUnitTask. The basic functionality is that nothing (except for a base set of permissions) is allowed, unless the permission is granted either explicitly or implicitly. If a permission is granted this can be overruled by explicitly revoking the permission. It is not permissible to add permissions (either granted or revoked) while the Security Manager is active (after calling setSecurityManager() but before calling restoreSecurityManager()).
    Ant 1.6
    • Constructor Detail

      • Permissions

        public Permissions()
        Create a set of Permissions. Equivalent to calling new Permissions(false).
      • Permissions

        public Permissions​(boolean delegateToOldSM)
        Create a set of permissions.
        delegateToOldSM - if true the old security manager will be used if the permission has not been explicitly granted or revoked in this instance.
    • Method Detail

      • addConfiguredGrant

        public void addConfiguredGrant​(Permissions.Permission perm)
        Adds a permission to be granted.
        perm - The Permissions.Permission to be granted.
      • addConfiguredRevoke

        public void addConfiguredRevoke​(Permissions.Permission perm)
        Adds a permission to be revoked.
        perm - The Permissions.Permission to be revoked
      • setSecurityManager

        public void setSecurityManager()
                                throws BuildException
        To be used by tasks wishing to use this security model before executing the part to be subject to these Permissions. Note that setting the SecurityManager too early may prevent your part from starting, as for instance changing classloaders may be prohibited. The classloader for the new situation is supposed to be present.
        BuildException - on error
      • restoreSecurityManager

        public void restoreSecurityManager()
        To be used by tasks that just finished executing the parts subject to these permissions.