Class FilterSetCollection


public class FilterSetCollection extends Object
A FilterSetCollection is a collection of filtersets each of which may have a different start/end token settings.
  • Constructor Details

    • FilterSetCollection

      public FilterSetCollection()
      Constructor for a FilterSetCollection.
    • FilterSetCollection

      public FilterSetCollection(FilterSet filterSet)
      Constructor for a FilterSetCollection.
      filterSet - a filterset to start the collection with
  • Method Details

    • addFilterSet

      public void addFilterSet(FilterSet filterSet)
      Add a filterset to the collection.
      filterSet - a FilterSet value
    • replaceTokens

      public String replaceTokens(String line)
      Does replacement on the given string with token matching. This uses the defined begintoken and endtoken values which default to @ for both.
      line - The line to process the tokens in.
      The string with the tokens replaced.
    • hasFilters

      public boolean hasFilters()
      Test to see if this filter set it empty.
      Return true if there are filter in this set otherwise false.