Interface RmicAdapter

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultRmicAdapter, ForkingSunRmic, KaffeRmic, SunRmic, WLRmic, XNewRmic

    public interface RmicAdapter
    The interface that all rmic adapters must adhere to.

    A rmic adapter is an adapter that interprets the rmic's parameters in preparation to be passed off to the compiler this adapter represents. As all the necessary values are stored in the Rmic task itself, the only thing all adapters need is the rmic task, the execute command and a parameterless constructor (for reflection).

    Ant 1.4
    • Method Detail

      • setRmic

        void setRmic​(Rmic attributes)
        Sets the rmic attributes, which are stored in the Rmic task.
        attributes - the rmic attributes to use
      • execute

        boolean execute()
                 throws BuildException
        Call the rmic compiler.
        true if has the compilation been successful
        BuildException - on error
      • getMapper

        FileNameMapper getMapper()
        Maps source class files to the files generated by this rmic implementation.
        the filename mapper used by this implementation
      • getClasspath

        Path getClasspath()
        The CLASSPATH this rmic process will use.
        the classpath this rmic process will use