Class SOSCheckin

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, SOSCmd

public class SOSCheckin extends SOS
Commits and unlocks files in Visual SourceSafe via a SourceOffSite server.
  • Constructor Details

    • SOSCheckin

      public SOSCheckin()
  • Method Details

    • setFile

      public final void setFile(String filename)
      The filename to act upon. If no file is specified then the task acts upon the project.
      filename - The new file value
    • setRecursive

      public void setRecursive(boolean recursive)
      Flag to recursively apply the action. Defaults to false.
      recursive - True for recursive operation.
    • setComment

      public void setComment(String comment)
      The comment to apply to all files being labelled.
      comment - The new comment value
    • buildCmdLine

      protected Commandline buildCmdLine()
      Build the command line.

      CheckInFile required parameters: -server -name -password -database -project -file
      CheckInFile optional parameters: -workdir -log -verbose -nocache -nocompression -soshome
      CheckInProject required parameters: -server -name -password -database -project
      CheckInProject optional parameters: workdir -recursive -log -verbose -nocache -nocompression -soshome

      Commandline the generated command to be executed