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public class Pvcs extends Task
Extracts the latest edition of the source code from a PVCS repository. PVCS is a version control system developed by Merant.

Before using this tag, the user running ant must have access to the commands of PVCS (get and pcli) and must have access to the repository. Note that the way to specify the repository is platform dependent so use property to specify location of repository.

This version has been tested against PVCS version 6.5 and 6.6 under Windows and Solaris. 19-04-2001

The task now has a more robust parser. It allows for platform independent file paths and supports file names with (). Thanks to Erik Husby for bringing the bug to my attention. 27-04-2001

UNC paths are now handled properly. Fix provided by Don Jeffery. He also added an UpdateOnly flag that, when true, conditions the PVCS get using the -U option to only update those files that have a modification time (in PVCS) that is newer than the existing workfile. 25-10-2002

Added a revision attribute that currently is a synonym for label, but in a future release the behavior of the label attribute will change to use the -v option of GET. See bug #13847 for discussion.

  • Constructor Details

    • Pvcs

      public Pvcs()
      Creates a Pvcs object
  • Method Details

    • runCmd

      protected int runCmd(Commandline cmd, ExecuteStreamHandler out)
      Run the command.
      cmd - the command line to use.
      out - the output stream handler to use.
      the exit code of the command.
    • execute

      public void execute() throws BuildException
      Description copied from class: Task
      Called by the project to let the task do its work. This method may be called more than once, if the task is invoked more than once. For example, if target1 and target2 both depend on target3, then running "ant target1 target2" will run all tasks in target3 twice.
      execute in class Task
      BuildException - Something is stopping the build...
    • getRepository

      public String getRepository()
      Get network name of the PVCS repository
    • getFilenameFormat

      public String getFilenameFormat()
      The filenameFormat attribute defines a MessageFormat string used to parse the output of the pcli command. It defaults to {0}-arc({1}). Repositories where the archive extension is not -arc should set this.
      the filename format attribute.
    • setFilenameFormat

      public void setFilenameFormat(String f)
      The format of the folder names; optional. This must be in a format suitable for java.text.MessageFormat. Index 1 of the format will be used as the file name. Defaults to {0}-arc({1})
      f - the format to use.
    • getLineStart

      public String getLineStart()
      The lineStart attribute is used to parse the output of the pcli command. It defaults to "P:. The parser already knows about / and \\, this property is useful in cases where the repository is accessed on a Windows platform via a drive letter mapping.
      the lineStart attribute.
    • setLineStart

      public void setLineStart(String l)
      What a valid return value from PVCS looks like when it describes a file. Defaults to "P:. If you are not using an UNC name for your repository and the drive letter P is incorrect for your setup, you may need to change this value, UNC names will always be accepted.
      l - the value to use.
    • setRepository

      public void setRepository(String repo)
      The network name of the PVCS repository; required.
      repo - String
    • getPvcsproject

      public String getPvcsproject()
      Get name of the project in the PVCS repository
    • setPvcsproject

      public void setPvcsproject(String prj)
      The project within the PVCS repository to extract files from; optional, default "/"
      prj - String
    • getPvcsprojects

      public Vector<PvcsProject> getPvcsprojects()
      Get name of the project in the PVCS repository
    • getWorkspace

      public String getWorkspace()
      Get name of the workspace to store the retrieved files
    • setWorkspace

      public void setWorkspace(String ws)
      Workspace to use; optional. By specifying a workspace, the files are extracted to that location. A PVCS workspace is a name for a location of the workfiles and isn't as such the location itself. You define the location for a workspace using the PVCS GUI clients. If this isn't specified the default workspace for the current user is used.
      ws - String
    • getPvcsbin

      public String getPvcsbin()
      Get name of the PVCS bin directory
    • setPvcsbin

      public void setPvcsbin(String bin)
      Specifies the location of the PVCS bin directory; optional if on the PATH. On some systems the PVCS executables pcli and get are not found in the PATH. In such cases this attribute should be set to the bin directory of the PVCS installation containing the executables mentioned before. If this attribute isn't specified the tag expects the executables to be found using the PATH environment variable.
      bin - PVCS bin directory
      To do:
      use a File setter and resolve paths.
    • getForce

      public String getForce()
      Get value of force
    • setForce

      public void setForce(String f)
      Specifies the value of the force argument; optional. If set to yes all files that exists and are writable are overwritten. Default no causes the files that are writable to be ignored. This stops the PVCS command get to stop asking questions!
      f - String (yes/no)
      To do:
      make a boolean setter
    • getPromotiongroup

      public String getPromotiongroup()
      Get value of promotiongroup
    • setPromotiongroup

      public void setPromotiongroup(String w)
      Specifies the name of the promotiongroup argument
      w - String
    • getLabel

      public String getLabel()
      Get value of label
    • setLabel

      public void setLabel(String l)
      Only files marked with this label are extracted; optional.
      l - String
    • getRevision

      public String getRevision()
      Get value of revision
    • setRevision

      public void setRevision(String r)
      Only files with this revision are extract; optional.
      r - String
    • getIgnoreReturnCode

      public boolean getIgnoreReturnCode()
      Get value of ignorereturncode
    • setIgnoreReturnCode

      public void setIgnoreReturnCode(boolean b)
      If set to true the return value from executing the pvcs commands are ignored; optional, default false.
      b - a boolean value.
    • addPvcsproject

      public void addPvcsproject(PvcsProject p)
      Specify a project within the PVCS repository to extract files from.
      p - the pvcs project to use.
    • getUpdateOnly

      public boolean getUpdateOnly()
      get the updateOnly attribute.
      the updateOnly attribute.
    • setUpdateOnly

      public void setUpdateOnly(boolean l)
      If set to true files are fetched only if newer than existing local files; optional, default false.
      l - a boolean value.
    • getConfig

      public String getConfig()
      returns the path of the configuration file to be used
      the path of the config file
    • setConfig

      public void setConfig(File f)
      Sets a configuration file other than the default to be used. These files have a .cfg extension and are often found in archive or pvcsprop folders.
      f - config file - can be given absolute or relative to ant basedir
    • getUserId

      public String getUserId()
      Get the userid.
      the userid.
    • setUserId

      public void setUserId(String u)
      User ID
      u - the value to use.