Class SetProxy

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    public class SetProxy
    extends Task
    Sets Java's web proxy properties, so that tasks and code run in the same JVM can have through-the-firewall access to remote web sites, and remote ftp sites. You can nominate an http and ftp proxy, or a socks server, reset the server settings, or do nothing at all.


    do nothing
    <setproxy proxyhost="firewall"/>
    set the proxy to firewall:80
    <setproxy proxyhost="firewall" proxyport="81"/>
    set the proxy to firewall:81
    <setproxy proxyhost=""/>
    stop using the http proxy; don't change the socks settings
    <setproxy socksproxyhost="socksy"/>
    use socks via socksy:1080
    <setproxy socksproxyhost=""/>
    stop using the socks server.

    You can set a username and password for http with the proxyHost and proxyPassword attributes. These can also be used against SOCKS5 servers.

    Ant 1.5
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    • Field Detail

      • proxyHost

        protected java.lang.String proxyHost
        proxy details
      • proxyPort

        protected int proxyPort
        name of proxy port
    • Constructor Detail

      • SetProxy

        public SetProxy()
    • Method Detail

      • setProxyHost

        public void setProxyHost​(java.lang.String hostname)
        the HTTP/ftp proxy host. Set this to "" for the http proxy option to be disabled
        hostname - the new proxy hostname
      • setProxyPort

        public void setProxyPort​(int port)
        the HTTP/ftp proxy port number; default is 80
        port - port number of the proxy
      • setSocksProxyHost

        public void setSocksProxyHost​(java.lang.String host)
        The name of a Socks server. Set to "" to turn socks proxying off.
        host - The new SocksProxyHost value
      • setSocksProxyPort

        public void setSocksProxyPort​(int port)
        Set the ProxyPort for socks connections. The default value is 1080
        port - The new SocksProxyPort value
      • setNonProxyHosts

        public void setNonProxyHosts​(java.lang.String nonProxyHosts)
        A list of hosts to bypass the proxy on. These should be separated with the vertical bar character '|'. Only in Java 1.4 does ftp use this list. e.g.|*
        nonProxyHosts - lists of hosts to talk direct to
      • setProxyUser

        public void setProxyUser​(java.lang.String proxyUser)
        set the proxy user. Probably requires a password to accompany this setting. Default=""
        proxyUser - username
      • setProxyPassword

        public void setProxyPassword​(java.lang.String proxyPassword)
        Set the password for the proxy. Used only if the proxyUser is set.
        proxyPassword - password to go with the username
      • applyWebProxySettings

        public void applyWebProxySettings()
        if the proxy port and host settings are not null, then the settings get applied these settings last beyond the life of the object and apply to all network connections Relevant docs: buglist #4183340