Class BuiltinNative2Ascii

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    public class BuiltinNative2Ascii
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Native2AsciiAdapter
    Encapsulates the built-in Native2Ascii implementation.
    Ant 1.9.8
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      boolean convert​(Native2Ascii args, srcFile, destFile)
      Convert the encoding of srcFile writing to destFile.
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      • BuiltinNative2Ascii

        public BuiltinNative2Ascii()
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      • convert

        public final boolean convert​(Native2Ascii args,
                              throws BuildException
        Description copied from interface: Native2AsciiAdapter
        Convert the encoding of srcFile writing to destFile.
        Specified by:
        convert in interface Native2AsciiAdapter
        args - Task that holds command line arguments and allows the implementation to send messages to Ant's logging system
        srcFile - the source to convert
        destFile - where to send output to
        whether the conversion has been successful.
        BuildException - if there was a problem.