Class TestListenerWrapper

All Implemented Interfaces:
junit.framework.TestListener, IgnoredTestListener

public class TestListenerWrapper extends Object implements junit.framework.TestListener, IgnoredTestListener
  • Constructor Details

    • TestListenerWrapper

      public TestListenerWrapper(junit.framework.TestListener listener)
  • Method Details

    • addError

      public void addError(junit.framework.Test test, Throwable throwable)
      Specified by:
      addError in interface junit.framework.TestListener
    • addFailure

      public void addFailure(junit.framework.Test test, junit.framework.AssertionFailedError assertionFailedError)
      Specified by:
      addFailure in interface junit.framework.TestListener
    • endTest

      public void endTest(junit.framework.Test test)
      Specified by:
      endTest in interface junit.framework.TestListener
    • startTest

      public void startTest(junit.framework.Test test)
      Specified by:
      startTest in interface junit.framework.TestListener
    • testIgnored

      public void testIgnored(junit.framework.Test test)
      Description copied from interface: IgnoredTestListener
      Reports when a test has been marked with the @Ignore annotation. The parameter should normally be typed to JUnit's JUnit4TestCaseFacade so implementing classes should be able to get the details of the ignore by casting the argument and retrieving the descriptor from the test.
      Specified by:
      testIgnored in interface IgnoredTestListener
      test - the details of the test and failure that have triggered this report.
    • testAssumptionFailure

      public void testAssumptionFailure(junit.framework.Test test, Throwable throwable)
      Description copied from interface: IgnoredTestListener
      Receive a report that a test has failed an assumption. Within JUnit4 this is normally treated as a test being skipped, although how any listener handles this is up to that specific listener.

      Note: Tests that throw assumption failures will still report the endTest method, which may differ from how the addError and addFailure methods work, it's up for any implementing classes to handle this.

      Specified by:
      testAssumptionFailure in interface IgnoredTestListener
      test - the details of the test and failure that have triggered this report.
      throwable - the AssumptionViolatedException thrown from the current assumption failure.