Class JUnit4TestMethodAdapter

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public class JUnit4TestMethodAdapter extends Object implements junit.framework.Test
Adapter between JUnit 3.8.x API and JUnit 4.x API for execution of tests and listening of events (test start, test finish, test failure, test skipped). The constructor is passed a JUnit 4 test class and a list of name of methods in it that should be executed. Method run(TestResult) executes the given JUnit-4-style test methods and notifies the given TestResult object using its old (JUnit 3.8.x style) API.
Marian Petras
  • Constructor Details

    • JUnit4TestMethodAdapter

      public JUnit4TestMethodAdapter(Class<?> testClass, String[] methodNames)
      Creates a new adapter for the given class and a method within the class.
      testClass - test class containing the method to be executed
      methodNames - names of the test methods that are to be executed
      IllegalArgumentException - if any of the arguments is null or if any of the given method names is null or empty
  • Method Details

    • countTestCases

      public int countTestCases()
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      countTestCases in interface junit.framework.Test
    • getDescription

      public org.junit.runner.Description getDescription()
    • getTests

      public List<junit.framework.Test> getTests()
    • getTestClass

      public Class<?> getTestClass()
    • run

      public void run(junit.framework.TestResult result)
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      run in interface junit.framework.Test
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object