Interface JspCompilerAdapter

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultJspCompilerAdapter, JasperC

public interface JspCompilerAdapter
The interface that all jsp compiler adapters must adhere to.

A compiler adapter is an adapter that interprets the jspc's parameters in preparation to be passed off to the compiler this adapter represents. As all the necessary values are stored in the Jspc task itself, the only thing all adapters need is the jsp task, the execute command and a parameterless constructor (for reflection).

  • Method Details

    • setJspc

      void setJspc(JspC attributes)
      Sets the compiler attributes, which are stored in the Jspc task.
      attributes - the jsp compiler attributes
    • execute

      boolean execute() throws BuildException
      Executes the task.
      has the compilation been successful
      BuildException - on error
    • createMangler

      JspMangler createMangler()
      an instance of the mangler this compiler uses
    • implementsOwnDependencyChecking

      boolean implementsOwnDependencyChecking()
      ask if compiler can sort out its own dependencies
      true if the compiler wants to do its own depends