Class JonasHotDeploymentTool

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class JonasHotDeploymentTool extends GenericHotDeploymentTool implements HotDeploymentTool
An Ant wrapper task for the weblogic.deploy tool. This is used to hot-deploy J2EE applications to a running WebLogic server. This is not the same as creating the application archive. This task assumes the archive (EAR, JAR, or WAR) file has been assembled and is supplied as the "source" attribute.

In the end, this task assembles the commandline parameters and runs the weblogic.deploy tool in a separate JVM.

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  • Constructor Details

    • JonasHotDeploymentTool

      public JonasHotDeploymentTool()
  • Method Details

    • setDavidhost

      public void setDavidhost(String inValue)
      Set the host for the David ORB; required if ORB==david.
      inValue - The new davidhost value
    • setDavidport

      public void setDavidport(int inValue)
      Set the port for the David ORB; required if ORB==david.
      inValue - The new davidport value
    • setJonasroot

      public void setJonasroot(File inValue)
      set the jonas root directory (-Dinstall.root=). This element is required.
      inValue - The new jonasroot value
    • setOrb

      public void setOrb(String inValue)
      Choose your ORB : RMI, JEREMIE, DAVID, ...; optional. If omitted, it defaults to the one present in classpath. The corresponding JOnAS JAR is automatically added to the classpath. If your orb is DAVID (RMI/IIOP) you must specify davidhost and davidport properties.
      inValue - RMI, JEREMIE, DAVID,...
    • getClasspath

      public Path getClasspath()
      gets the classpath field.
      getClasspath in class AbstractHotDeploymentTool
      A Path representing the "classpath" attribute.
    • validateAttributes

      public void validateAttributes() throws BuildException
      Validates the passed in attributes.

      The rules are:

      1. If action is "deploy" or "update" the "application" and "source" attributes must be supplied.
      2. If action is "delete" or "undeploy" the "application" attribute must be supplied.
      Specified by:
      validateAttributes in interface HotDeploymentTool
      validateAttributes in class GenericHotDeploymentTool
      BuildException - if something goes wrong
    • isActionValid

      protected boolean isActionValid()
      Determines if the action supplied is valid.

      Valid actions are contained in the static array VALID_ACTIONS

      isActionValid in class GenericHotDeploymentTool
      true if the action attribute is valid, false if not.