Direct Known Subclasses:
DoubleCPInfo, FloatCPInfo, IntegerCPInfo, InvokeDynamicCPInfo, LongCPInfo, MethodTypeCPInfo, ModuleCPInfo, PackageCPInfo, StringCPInfo

public abstract class ConstantCPInfo extends ConstantPoolEntry
A Constant Pool entry which represents a constant value.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConstantCPInfo

      protected ConstantCPInfo(int tagValue, int entries)
      Initialise the constant entry.
      tagValue - the constant pool entry type to be used.
      entries - the number of constant pool entry slots occupied by this entry.
  • Method Details

    • getValue

      public Object getValue()
      Get the value of the constant.
      the value of the constant (untyped).
    • setValue

      public void setValue(Object newValue)
      Set the constant value.
      newValue - the new untyped value of this constant.