All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, SelectorContainer

public class Depend extends MatchingTask
Generates a dependency file for a given set of classes.
  • Constructor Details

    • Depend

      public Depend()
  • Method Details

    • setClasspath

      public void setClasspath(Path classpath)
      Set the classpath to be used for this dependency check.
      classpath - the classpath to be used when checking for dependencies on elements in the classpath
    • getClasspath

      public Path getClasspath()
      Gets the classpath to be used for this dependency check.
      the current dependency classpath
    • createClasspath

      public Path createClasspath()
      Adds a classpath to be used for this dependency check.
      A path object to be configured by Ant
    • setClasspathRef

      public void setClasspathRef(Reference r)
      Adds a reference to a classpath defined elsewhere.
      r - a reference to a path object to be used as the depend classpath
    • setWarnOnRmiStubs

      public void setWarnOnRmiStubs(boolean warnOnRmiStubs)
      Flag to set to true if you want dependency issues with RMI stubs to appear at warning level.
      warnOnRmiStubs - if true set dependency issues to appear at warning level.
    • execute

      public void execute() throws BuildException
      Does the work.
      execute in class Task
      BuildException - Thrown in case of an unrecoverable error.
    • scanDir

      protected void scanDir(File srcDir, String[] files)
      Scans the directory looking for source files that are newer than their class files. The results are returned in the class variable compileList
      srcDir - the source directory
      files - the names of the files in the source dir which are to be checked.
    • setSrcdir

      public void setSrcdir(Path srcPath)
      Set the directories path to find the Java source files.
      srcPath - the source path
    • setDestDir

      public void setDestDir(Path destPath)
      Set the destination directory where the compiled Java files exist.
      destPath - the destination areas where build files are written
    • setCache

      public void setCache(File cache)
      Sets the dependency cache file.
      cache - the dependency cache file
    • setClosure

      public void setClosure(boolean closure)
      If true, transitive dependencies are followed until the closure of the dependency set if reached. When not set, the depend task will only follow direct dependencies between classes.
      closure - indicate if dependency closure is required.
    • setDump

      public void setDump(boolean dump)
      If true, the dependency information will be written to the debug level log.
      dump - set to true to dump dependency information to the log