public class ClassFile extends Object
A ClassFile object stores information about a Java class. The class may be read from a DataInputStream.and written to a DataOutputStream. These are usually streams from a Java class file or a class file component of a Jar file.
  • Constructor Details

    • ClassFile

      public ClassFile()
  • Method Details

    • read

      public void read(InputStream stream) throws IOException, ClassFormatError
      Read the class from a data stream. This method takes an InputStream as input and parses the class from the stream.

      stream - an InputStream from which the class will be read
      IOException - if there is a problem reading from the given stream.
      ClassFormatError - if the class cannot be parsed correctly
    • getClassRefs

      public Vector<String> getClassRefs()
      Get the classes which this class references.
      a vector of class names which this class references
    • getFullClassName

      public String getFullClassName()
      Get the class' fully qualified name in dot format.
      the class name in dot format (eg. java.lang.Object)