All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CCUnlock extends ClearCase
Performs a ClearCase Unlock command.

The following attributes are interpreted:

Task attributes
Attribute Values Required
comment Specifies how to populate comments fields No
pname Specifies the object pathname to be unlocked. No
objselect This variable is obsolete. Should use objsel instead. no
objsel Specifies the object(s) to be unlocked. No
failonerr Throw an exception if the command fails. Default is true No
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • CCUnlock

      public CCUnlock()
  • Method Details

    • execute

      public void execute() throws BuildException
      Executes the task.

      Builds a command line to execute cleartool and then calls Exec's run method to execute the command line.

      execute in class Task
      BuildException - if the command fails and failonerr is set to true
    • setComment

      public void setComment(String comment)
      Sets how comments should be written for the event record(s)
      comment - comment method to use
    • getComment

      public String getComment()
      Get comment method
      String containing the desired comment method
    • setPname

      public void setPname(String pname)
      Sets the pathname to be locked
      pname - pathname to be locked
    • getPname

      public String getPname()
      Get the pathname to be locked
      String containing the pathname to be locked
    • setObjselect

      public void setObjselect(String objselect)
      Sets the object(s) to be locked
      objselect - objects to be locked
    • setObjSel

      public void setObjSel(String objsel)
      Sets the object(s) to be locked
      objsel - objects to be locked
      ant 1.6.1
    • getObjselect

      public String getObjselect()
      Get list of objects to be locked
      String containing the objects to be locked