Class IsFileSelected

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Condition, SelectorContainer

public class IsFileSelected extends AbstractSelectorContainer implements Condition
This is a condition that checks to see if a file passes an embedded selector.
  • Constructor Details

    • IsFileSelected

      public IsFileSelected()
  • Method Details

    • setFile

      public void setFile(File file)
      The file to check.
      file - the file to check if if passes the embedded selector.
    • setBaseDir

      public void setBaseDir(File baseDir)
      The base directory to use.
      baseDir - the base directory to use, if null use the project's basedir.
    • validate

      public void validate()
      validate the parameters.
      validate in class AbstractSelectorContainer
    • eval

      public boolean eval()
      Evaluate the selector with the file.
      Specified by:
      eval in interface Condition
      true if the file is selected by the embedded selector.