Class Truncate

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Truncate extends Task
Set the length of one or more files, as the intermittently available truncate Unix utility/function.
Ant 1.7.1
  • Constructor Details

    • Truncate

      public Truncate()
  • Method Details

    • setFile

      public void setFile(File f)
      Set a single target File.
      f - the single File
    • add

      public void add(ResourceCollection rc)
      Add a nested (filesystem-only) ResourceCollection.
      rc - the ResourceCollection to add.
    • setAdjust

      public void setAdjust(Long adjust)
      Set the amount by which files' lengths should be adjusted. It is permissible to append K / M / G / T / P.
      adjust - (positive or negative) adjustment amount.
    • setLength

      public void setLength(Long length)
      Set the length to which files should be set. It is permissible to append K / M / G / T / P.
      length - (positive) adjustment amount.
    • setCreate

      public void setCreate(boolean create)
      Set whether to create nonexistent files.
      create - boolean, default true.
    • setMkdirs

      public void setMkdirs(boolean mkdirs)
      Set whether, when creating nonexistent files, nonexistent directories should also be created.
      mkdirs - boolean, default false.
    • execute

      public void execute()
      Called by the project to let the task do its work. This method may be called more than once, if the task is invoked more than once. For example, if target1 and target2 both depend on target3, then running "ant target1 target2" will run all tasks in target3 twice..
      execute in class Task