Class TempFile

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    public class TempFile
    extends Task
    This task sets a property to the name of a temporary file. Unlike File.createTempFile(java.lang.String, java.lang.String,, this task does not (by default) actually create the temporary file, but it does guarantee that the file did not exist when the task was executed.


    <tempfile property="temp.file" />
    create a temporary file
    <tempfile property="temp.file" suffix=".xml" />
    create a temporary file with the .xml suffix.
    <tempfile property="temp.file" destDir="build"/>
    create a temp file in the build subdir
    Ant 1.5
    • Constructor Detail

      • TempFile

        public TempFile()
    • Method Detail

      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(java.lang.String property)
        Sets the property you wish to assign the temporary file to.
        property - The property to set
      • setDestDir

        public void setDestDir​( destDir)
        Sets the destination directory. If not set, the basedir directory is used instead.
        destDir - The new destDir value
      • setPrefix

        public void setPrefix​(java.lang.String prefix)
        Sets the optional prefix string for the temp file.
        prefix - string to prepend to generated string
      • setSuffix

        public void setSuffix​(java.lang.String suffix)
        Sets the optional suffix string for the temp file.
        suffix - suffix including any ".", e.g ".xml"
      • setDeleteOnExit

        public void setDeleteOnExit​(boolean deleteOnExit)
        Set whether the tempfile created by this task should be set for deletion on normal VM exit.
        deleteOnExit - boolean flag.
      • isDeleteOnExit

        public boolean isDeleteOnExit()
        Learn whether deleteOnExit is set for this tempfile task.
        boolean deleteOnExit flag.
      • setCreateFile

        public void setCreateFile​(boolean createFile)
        If set the file is actually created, if not just a name is created.
        createFile - boolean flag.
      • isCreateFile

        public boolean isCreateFile()
        Learn whether createFile flag is set for this tempfile task.
        the createFile flag.