Class MakeUrl

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public class MakeUrl extends Task

This task takes file and turns them into a URL, which it then assigns to a property. Use when for setting up RMI codebases.

nested filesets are supported; if present, these are turned into the url with the given separator between them (default = " ").

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  • Constructor Details

    • MakeUrl

      public MakeUrl()
  • Method Details

    • setProperty

      public void setProperty(String property)
      set the name of a property to fill with the URL
      property - the name of the property.
    • setFile

      public void setFile(File file)
      the name of a file to be converted into a URL
      file - the file to be converted.
    • addFileSet

      public void addFileSet(FileSet fileset)
      a fileset of jar files to include in the URL, each separated by the separator
      fileset - the fileset to be added.
    • setSeparator

      public void setSeparator(String separator)
      set the separator for the multi-url option.
      separator - the separator to use.
    • setValidate

      public void setValidate(boolean validate)
      set this flag to trigger validation that every named file exists. Optional: default=true
      validate - a boolean value.
    • addPath

      public void addPath(Path path)
      add a path to the URL. All elements in the path will be converted to individual URL entries
      path - a path value.
    • execute

      public void execute() throws BuildException
      Create the url
      execute in class Task
      BuildException - if something goes wrong with the build