Class StripLineComments

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable, Readable, ChainableReader, Parameterizable

public final class StripLineComments extends BaseParamFilterReader implements ChainableReader
This filter strips line comments. Example:
   <comment value="#"/>
   <comment value="--"/>
   <comment value="REM "/>
   <comment value="rem "/>
   <comment value="//"/>
   <param type="comment" value="#"/>
   <param type="comment" value="--"/>
   <param type="comment" value="REM "/>
   <param type="comment" value="rem "/>
   <param type="comment" value="//"/>
  • Constructor Details

    • StripLineComments

      public StripLineComments()
      Constructor for "dummy" instances.
      See Also:
    • StripLineComments

      public StripLineComments(Reader in)
      Creates a new filtered reader.
      in - A Reader object providing the underlying stream. Must not be null.
  • Method Details

    • read

      public int read() throws IOException
      Returns the next character in the filtered stream, only including lines from the original stream which don't start with any of the specified comment prefixes.
      read in class FilterReader
      the next character in the resulting stream, or -1 if the end of the resulting stream has been reached
      IOException - if the underlying stream throws an IOException during reading
    • addConfiguredComment

      public void addConfiguredComment(StripLineComments.Comment comment)
      Adds a comment element to the list of prefixes.
      comment - The comment element to add to the list of comment prefixes to strip. Must not be null.
    • chain

      public Reader chain(Reader rdr)
      Creates a new StripLineComments using the passed in Reader for instantiation.
      Specified by:
      chain in interface ChainableReader
      rdr - A Reader object providing the underlying stream. Must not be null.
      a new filter based on this configuration, but filtering the specified reader