Class PathTokenizer


public class PathTokenizer extends Object
A Path tokenizer takes a path and returns the components that make up that path. The path can use path separators of either ':' or ';' and file separators of either '/' or '\'.
  • Constructor Details

    • PathTokenizer

      public PathTokenizer(String path)
      Constructs a path tokenizer for the specified path.
      path - The path to tokenize. Must not be null.
  • Method Details

    • hasMoreTokens

      public boolean hasMoreTokens()
      Tests if there are more path elements available from this tokenizer's path. If this method returns true, then a subsequent call to nextToken will successfully return a token.
      true if and only if there is at least one token in the string after the current position; false otherwise.
    • nextToken

      public String nextToken() throws NoSuchElementException
      Returns the next path element from this tokenizer.
      the next path element from this tokenizer.
      NoSuchElementException - if there are no more elements in this tokenizer's path.