Interface BuildLogger

All Superinterfaces:
BuildListener, EventListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
AnsiColorLogger, BigProjectLogger, CommonsLoggingListener, DefaultLogger, MailLogger, NoBannerLogger, ProfileLogger, RecorderEntry, SilentLogger, SimpleBigProjectLogger, TimestampedLogger, XmlLogger

public interface BuildLogger extends BuildListener
Interface used by Ant to log the build output. A build logger is a build listener which has the 'right' to send output to the ant log, which is usually System.out unless redirected by the -logfile option.
  • Method Details

    • setMessageOutputLevel

      void setMessageOutputLevel(int level)
      Sets the highest level of message this logger should respond to. Only messages with a message level lower than or equal to the given level should be written to the log.

      Constants for the message levels are in the Project class. The order of the levels, from least to most verbose, is MSG_ERR, MSG_WARN, MSG_INFO, MSG_VERBOSE, MSG_DEBUG.

      level - the logging level for the logger.
    • getMessageOutputLevel

      default int getMessageOutputLevel()
      Returns the currently set message output level. The default implementation of this method returns MSG_INFO.
    • setOutputPrintStream

      void setOutputPrintStream(PrintStream output)
      Sets the output stream to which this logger is to send its output.
      output - The output stream for the logger. Must not be null.
    • setEmacsMode

      void setEmacsMode(boolean emacsMode)
      Sets this logger to produce emacs (and other editor) friendly output.
      emacsMode - true if output is to be unadorned so that emacs and other editors can parse files names, etc.
    • setErrorPrintStream

      void setErrorPrintStream(PrintStream err)
      Sets the output stream to which this logger is to send error messages.
      err - The error stream for the logger. Must not be null.