Class BuildEvent

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public class BuildEvent extends EventObject
Class representing an event occurring during a build. An event is built by specifying either a project, a task or a target. A project level event will only have a project reference; a target level event will have project and target references; a task level event will have project, target and task references.
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    • BuildEvent

      public BuildEvent(Project project)
      Construct a BuildEvent for a project level event.
      project - the project that emitted the event. Should not be null.
    • BuildEvent

      public BuildEvent(Target target)
      Construct a BuildEvent for a target level event. The project associated with the event is derived from the given target.
      target - the target that emitted the event. Must not be null.
    • BuildEvent

      public BuildEvent(Task task)
      Construct a BuildEvent for a task level event. The project and target associated with the event are derived from the given task.
      task - the task that emitted the event. Must not be null.
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