A classfileset is a specialized type of fileset which, given a set of "root" classes, will include all of the class files upon which the root classes depend. This is typically used to create a jar with all of the required classes for a particular application.

classfilesets are typically used by reference. They are declared with an id value and this is then used as a reference where a normal fileset is expected.

This type requires the BCEL library.


The class fileset support the following attributes in addition to those supported by the standard fileset:

Attribute Description Required
rootclass A single root class name No

Nested elements


When more than one root class is required, multiple nested <root> elements may be used

Attribute Description Required
classname The fully qualified name of the root class Yes


A root fileset is used to add a set of root classes from a fileset. In this case the entries in the fileset are expected to be Java class files. The name of the Java class is determined by the relative location of the classfile in the fileset. So, the file org/apache/tools/ant/Project.class corresponds to the Java class


<classfileset id="reqdClasses" dir="${classes.dir}">
  <root classname=""/>

This example creates a fileset containing all the class files upon which the class depends. This fileset could then be used to create a jar.

<jar destfile="minimal.jar">
  <fileset refid="reqdClasses"/>
<classfileset id="reqdClasses" dir="${classes.dir}">
  <rootfileset dir="${classes.dir}" includes="org/apache/tools/ant/Project*.class"/>

This example constructs the classfileset using all the class with names starting with Project in the package.