This task has been deprecated. Use the mail task instead.


Sends SMTP mail with MIME attachments. Jakarta Mail and Jakarta Activation are required for this task. The Java Activation Framework is part of the standard class library for Java 6 to Java 10 but the java.activation module has been deprecated in Java 9 and must be enabled explicitly when running on Java 10. Alternatively it can be provided as an external library. Javamail has become Jakarta Mail and the Java activation Framework has become Jakarta Activation and both are part of the Jakarta effort at Eclipse.

Multiple files can be attached using FileSets.


Attribute Description Required
message The message body Exactly one of these, or a nested fileset
messageFile A filename to read and used as the message body
messageMimeType MIME type to use for message or messageFile when attached. No; defaults to text/plain
tolist Comma-separated list of To: recipients Yes, at least one of these
cclist Comma-separated list of CC: recipients
bcclist Comma-separated list of BCC: recipients
mailhost Host name of the mail server. No; default to localhost
subject Email subject line. No
from Email address of sender. Yes
failonerror Stop the build process if an error occurs sending the e-mail. No; default to true


Send a single HTML file as the body of a message

<mimemail messageMimeType="text/html" messageFile="overview-summary.html"
          tolist="you" subject="JUnit Test Results: ${TODAY}" from="me"/>

Send all files in a directory as attachments

<mimemail message="See attached files" tolist="you" subject="Attachments" from="me">
    <fileset dir=".">
       <include name="dist/*.*"/>