Since Apache Ant 1.6.1.


This task allows to retrieve a CVS client and server version.


Attribute Description Required
Attributes from parent <cvs> task which are meaningful here
cvsRoot the CVSROOT variable. No
cvsRsh the CVS_RSH variable. No
dest directory containing the checked out version of the project No; default is project's basedir
package the package/module to check out. No
port Port used by CVS to communicate with the server. No; default is 2401
passfile Password file to read passwords from. No; default is ~/.cvspass
failonerror Stop the build process if the command exits with a return code other than 0. No; defaults to false
Specific attributes
clientversionproperty Name of a property where the CVS client version should be stored No
serverversionproperty Name of a property where the CVS server version should be stored No


Find out the CVS client and server versions and store the versions in the properties called apachecvsversion and localcvsversion

<cvsversion cvsRoot=""