Interface LaunchDefinition

  • public interface LaunchDefinition
    Defines the necessary context for launching the JUnit platform for running tests.
    • Method Detail

      • getTests

        java.util.List<TestDefinition> getTests()
        Returns the tests that have to be launched
      • getListeners

        java.util.List<ListenerDefinition> getListeners()
        Returns the default listeners that will be used for the tests, if the tests themselves don't specify any
      • isPrintSummary

        boolean isPrintSummary()
        Returns true if a summary needs to be printed out after the execution of the tests. False otherwise.
      • isHaltOnFailure

        boolean isHaltOnFailure()
        Returns true if any remaining tests launch need to be stopped if any test execution failed. False otherwise.
      • getClassLoader

        java.lang.ClassLoader getClassLoader()
        Returns the ClassLoader that has to be used for launching and execution of the tests